theatre music

For more than ten years I have worked as musical director and stage musician in the independent theater collective werkgruppe2. In documentary projects, werkgruppe2 attempts to describe social reality from the perspective of people belonging to social minorities; the invisible, the excluded. Based on detailed, journalistic research, atmospherically and narratively dense productions emerge, which open up the boundaries between drama and musical theater, documentary and fiction.

The music, which is live in each production, usually consists of new compositions for different ensembles and often unusual sound sources. With instruments and sound-making objects, musicians and actors can turn the theater space into a sound space. On stage, the music stands on equal footing, commenting on and differentiating the topic of the research and the work as a whole.



*** recent work

Our Parents' Bonds - Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

"The theater collective werkgruppe2 interviewed ’68ers and their children for the documentary piece "Our Parents' Bonds". From the answers, director Julia Roesler and her team distilled a moving text with a clear message: the legendary rebels often seem to have been lousy parents.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Adrienne Braun

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