Insa Rudolph studied jazz vocals at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and since works as a freelance singer and composer in the fields of songwriting, film and theatre music.

Her compositions are inspired by unusual sound sources as well as the unconventional use of instruments; combining the familiar and the unknown to produce unexpected and creative new soundscapes.


As a singer, she has worked with various musicians and ensembles, including Claudio Puntin, sepiasonic, the WDR Bigband, the Martin Fondse Starvinsky Orkestar, Matthew Herbert and the Contrast Trio.

Since 2009 she has been a founding member, musical director and stage musician of the independent theatre collective werkgruppe2.

She has written and recorded soundtracks for award-winning narrative independent films such as National Bird (Executive Producer: Wim Wenders), directed by Sonia Kennebeck; and Marina, a short documentary by werkgruppe2. She regularly produces documentary music for NDR (Nothern German Broadcasting).



Insa Rudolph





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